Import from Russia and the EAEU

Assisting international clients in finding manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services in Russia and other EAEU countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) is one of the Association’s priorities. 

The Association possesses a unique set of tools for finding, screening and selecting trustworthy business partners and verified suppliers in Eurasia:

-  The top Russia’s exporters database: every day the Association directly cooperates and liaises with hundreds of Russian manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services in various industries, which gives it a broad choice of the local verified partners best qualified for dealing with international clients; 

-  Russia’s best team of experienced analysts: the Association’s experts run quick search, selection and background check of potential partners in Russia and other EAEU states, meeting our international clients’ needs in the best possible manner;

- A wide network of regional representatives: the Association’s presence in all Russian regions and the EAEU countries makes it possible to find and select trade partners precisely in our international clients’ target areas with the widest possible coverage;

- The online Russian Exports portal: Russia’s largest English-language online resource on local exporters gives our international clients the direct access to the up-to-date database and exclusive proposals from Russian companies willing to export;

- Ongoing real-time information support: the Association effectively distributes our international clients’ proposals, enquiries and requests to relevant companies and organizations in Russia and the EAEU countries; 

- A wide network of partners: the Association’s own resources are complemented by the support of our partners, which makes it possible to perform even most complicated international trade tasks.

The Association is ready to provide a broad range of services for international businesses interested in importing from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, including:

- Finding, screening and selecting manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services;

- Background checks of potential partners; 

- Arranging negotiations and B2B meetings and sessions with companies, business associations and relevant industry institutions in Russia and the EAEU countries;

- Hosting international business missions and delegations in Russia and the EAEU countries;

- Arranging international business visits of delegations from Russia and the EAEU countries abroad; 

- Consulting on matters related to export from Russia and the EAEU countries (including customs clearance, taxation, certification, logistics, non-tariff barriers etc.);

- Organization of seminars and other educational events concerning importing from Russia and the EAEU countries; 

- Preparing analytical market surveys on various industries, specific goods and promising trade prospects and trends.